" I'm incredibly happy with Bruna's coaching sessions. For many years, I used all sorts of diets to lose weight. I always gained it all back. With Bruna's coaching I've achieved my goal (lost 10Kg!), managed to keep them off and have a healthy diet.

 Not only I've achieved the weight I wanted but with Bruna's coaching I've learnt much more. I am currently using the same principles to manage my time and my workload. Bruna's taught me I can achieve anything. Exciting!
Thank you so much! "
 R. Esteban 

“I never thought a course to lose weight would change so many aspects of my life.

I lost the weight, effortlessly, and I have a whole new concept of healthy eating. Through the process I’ve understood the fears and beliefs that held me back. I’ve increased my self-esteem and I’ve learnt time management skills.

I’ve learnt of my two brains, the rational that plans and the one that reacts to impulses. I’ve learnt to talk to my brain, to have control and to focus on the future to make decisions.

I’m so convinced we should all learn emotional management that I’ve advised my son to follow the same programme. I feel the emotional wellbeing and healthy eating skills he can gain are as important as his formal education.

Bruna, thank you very much, extremely grateful”.

Montse Nart, Aromatóloga Shizenna

" To say that Bruna is a good coach is an understatement. Her coaching has helped me reach my goal (I got the job!) and change my life! As a non-native English speaker, trying to be a teacher in the U.K., I had low self-esteem and constantly doubted myself. However, the model Bruna showed me has provided me with different perspectives. By doing weekly practice, I have learned to gradually alter my thoughts, which leads to a change in my feelings, my actions and the ultimate result. I have achieved something which I considered impossible previously. I truly can’t thank Bruna enough! "
J. Yu